#022 Good Samaritan Stories #11 

Armed customers step-up to thwart robber in Georgia, John Gelinne and son rescue downed pilot Steve Couchman in Maryland, man saves children from burning home in Michigan — details on these and other instances of individuals who acted heroically in this installment of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire …

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#007 Urban Combatives Basics

If you love something you’ll protect it. In this episode we present a bit of the basics of physical protection, largely inspired by the practical, effective input of Lee Morrison and Urban Combatives. If you face a violent threat and cannot escape, or are coming to the aid of another person what do you do? Use …

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#001 Overview: Prepare, Peacekeep, Protect

We each have the capacity to act heroically. In this inaugural episode we speak to that statement and how this projects aims to help individuals develop the mindset and skills to protect themselves and others through three steps: Prepare, Peacekeep, and Protect. Topics covered include: Know of a good samaritan? Visit and click the “Message” button to leave us …

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