#015 Alu Axleman on Medical Skills & Tools, Mindset & Firearms

In this episode we take our deepest dive yet into practical emergency medical care thanks to the input of Alu Axelman. Alu’s competency and teaching ability is evident — you’ll likely gain a better grasp on scenarios you may encounter and may feel motivated to do more research and training to become better-prepared. In addition to the medical skills and tools discussed, Alu also weighs-in on his long-held realization that he — not a collective — is responsible for his actions, and thus by extension, why he advocates firearm proficiency for self-protection. Because, as Alu notes, “I am my own first responder”. 

Alu and his family live in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. When Alu isn’t working professionally as a critical care and flight certified paramedic, he can be found writing articles at The Liberty Block, authoring books, speaking at events, advocating for political decentralization via peaceful means, and improving his physical capabilities. 

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