A Conversation with The Free Thought Project’s Jason Bassler and Matt Agorist

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce Duty To Protect to listeners of The Free Thought Project podcast.

That conversation can be heard below or via their site: Podcast – Pete Eyre – A Duty To Protect And Where Police Accountability Must Go Next

Overall, I really enjoyed this conversation and think Jason, Matt and I covered some good ground. And it reinforced to me the need to bolster Duty To Protect. To add resources in addition to the podcasts as some are visual learners and to be more thorough. I also concluded that there is room for improvement. Specifically:

  • I got a little offtrack when mentioning propaganda of the deed. I should have omitted that entirely or at least concluded that topic by noting the difference in someone being targeted simply based on their title verses for their pattern of significant destructive actions.
  • I should improve my ability to communicate in concrete terms. The lens I often use is focused on patterns and overarching concepts, which necessarily shapes my speech. That’s fine, but to be perhaps be more effective in the real-world, I should include tangible, actionable steps.
  • I should cease differentiating between police and non-police. By using that framing I only reinforce it. No matter the attire, it is only individuals who act. And individuals who are responsible.