#024 Good Samaritan Stories #12 

Multiple armed neighbors assist shot man during gunfight in Reno, NV; UPS driver Brian Walters saves drowned girl in Soup Lake, WA; restaurant-goer tends to gunshot victim in Orlando, FL — details on these and other instances of individuals who acted heroically in this installment of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that one person can have.

Each of us can be a hero. 

first story / Reno, NV / Apartment Residents Aid Shot Man

second story / Soup Lake, WA / UPS Driver Brian Walters Saves Drowned Girl / story referenced in episode #006

third story / San Antonio, TX / Kenneth Ramirez Rewarded for Kindness / story referenced in episode #008

fourth story / Orlando, FL / Man Helps Road Rage Victim

fifth story / Honolulu, HI / Good Samaritan Mitigates Crowbar Attack