#020 Good Samaritan Stories #10

Jay Withey acts to save two dozen caught in Buffalo blizzard, Shontakbaev Sabit saves toddler from falling death in Kazakhstan, and unidentified man stops attempting kidnapping near Memphis — details on these and other instances of individuals who acted heroically in this installment of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that one person can have.

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And remember…Each of us can be a hero.

first story / Pahrump, NV / Homeowner Shoots Armed Home Invader Shawn Richard

second story / Germantown, TN / Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping

third story / Palm Coast, FL / David Ghiloni & Others Take Down Gun Wielding Connor Anderson

fourth story / England-to-India / Vishwaraj Vemala Twice Saves Fellow Airline Passenger

fifth story / Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan / Sabit Saves Toddler Dangling from Window

sixth story / Millcreek, UT / Tom Elbrecht Aids Travis Haussener, Pinned in Avalanche

seventh story / Cheektowaga, NY / Jay Withey Brings Two Dozen Caught in Blizzard to Safety