#018 Good Samaritan Stories #9

An armed employee stops further bloodshed at Amazon facility in Arizona, a woman valiantly fends off armed car-jackers in Nevada, and neighbors step-up to thwart an assault in New Jersey — details on these and other instances of individuals who acted heroically in this installment of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that one person can have.

first story / Chandler, AZ / Unidentified Amazon Employee Stops Gunman Jacob Murphy

second story / Westville, NJ / Neighbors Step-Up & Stop Andre Graig’s Assault of Woman

third story / North Las Vegas, NV / Woman Bravely Fends off Armed Carjackers

fourth story / Fennimore, WI / Unidentified Good Samaritan Finds Amish Horse, Buggy & Baby

fifth story & GoFundMe / Farmington, UT / Candace Rivera Aids Pinned Driver Ranae Hilton

sixth story / Bristol, IN / Vance Vanwinkle Helps Family Gain A few More Hours with Tom Stutsman

seventh story / Vellejo, CA / Bob Sundin Gives Life to Protect Friend Teresa Brasher

eighth story / Philadelphia, PA / Good Samaritan Shot When Attempting to Help “Stranded” Motorists

ninth story / Waterville, ME / Michelle Demchak Stopped to Help, Struck By Passing Vehicle

Know of a good samaritan? Please let us know!

And remember…Each of us can be a hero.