#017 Shane Radliff on Vonu & Becoming Invulnerable to Coercion

Do you know vonu? It’s a radical self-liberation strategy based on (an admittedly awkward) contraction of the phrase, VOluntary Not vUlnerable that was first outlined in the 1960s by Rayo (aka Tom Marshall). Our guest this week — Shane Radliff — has done more than anyone alive to proliferate vonuism — a paradigm, and a lifestyle, that’s arguably even more timely in our age, due to the onslaught of technocracy.

As you’ll hear from Shane, vonuists are not content to merely discuss and theorize, but are hyper-focused on living freedom in the here and now. Indeed, as Rayo penned in 1969, “I suggest that liberation is possible only on the individual level and only by changing attitudes and living-patterns together…it is to integrate intellect with reality — to follow thought with action.”

To do this, an emphasis is put not on hinging ones hope in a mass movement, but in action — in taking thoughtful steps to extricate oneself from the mainstream, coercion-based society, in favor of the second realm. What’s the “second realm”? In this episode Shane unpacks that and other useful concepts, outlines the importance of financial freedom, and eschews word sophistry in favor of plain language. 

The best coercive encounter is the one that can be avoided altogether, whether due to awareness or escape. Vonu provides concepts and tools that can help you thoughtfully mitigate coercive encounters, thus increasing your level of protection. If you want to investigate further, check out the resources below.

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