#014 Good Samaritan Stories #7

In Chicago Idriz Redzovic detains aggressor, in Utah Kristin Fowles looks out for neighbor, in Buffalo Reynaldo Beckford stops gunman — details on these and other instances of individuals who acted heroically in this installment of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that one person can have.

first story / Buffalo, NY / Unarmed Security Guard Reynaldo Beckford Prevents Entry of AR-15 Wielding Jeremy Griffin

second story / Salem, UT / Kristin Fowles Gives Lift then Spearheads Quality of Life Improvement for Keith and Renee Bench

third story / San Antonio, TX / Chris Caruso Saved a Life in Morning Commute

fourth story / Edinburg, TX / Mother Defends Family From Home Invader Carlos Garcia

fifth story / Chicago, IL / Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Idriz Redzovic Restrains Aggressor at 711

sixth story / Colorado Springs, CO / Richard Fierro & Thomas James Stop Active Shooting Inside Nightclub

seventh story / Liverpool, England / Mother Sophie-Louis Corrigan & Daughter Amina Brighten Lives of Strangers

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