#013 Urban Combatives & the Peaceful Warrior Mindset: Interview with Lee Morrison

Our guest this week is Lee Morrison. He is a dangerous gentleman in the true sense. His life experiences and drive have culminated in a dynamic method of self-protection called Urban Combatives. While this obviously includes physical components (which are damn effective), as Lee expounds, the even more important aspect — and one that is often overlooked by other “self-defense” practitioners — is ones mindset.

The paradigm Lee puts-forth is holistic. It stresses the importance of language, of looking inward, of understanding the impact of adrenal stress, and the preference to prevent a physical exchange in the first place, through street smarts, communication, and escape. But, if that’s not possible, being able to identify pre-fight cues and possessing the gross motor skills to unleash — blitzkrieg-style — to protect yourself, those you love, or a stranger.

With a run-time of about an hour and a half, this is the longest Duty To Protect episode to date, and that’s great — Lee imparts much wisdom and thought-provoking insight. 

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