011 Jason Bassler: Acknowledge Problem, Self-Educate, Plant Seeds

Our guest this week is Jason Bassler, co-founder of The Free Thought Project and founder of Police The Police. A self-described activist, anarchist, and abolitionist, he is thoughtful and eloquent. His strike-the-root message is not just accessible it is empowering. 

In this conversation Jason delves first into the omnipresent conditioning to which most of us have been subjected — during formative years by parents or guardians, when in government schools, and via the legacy media and other power centers. Not content with that statist quo, with seeing people around him being manipulated, he next focuses on solutions. Jason encourages the listener to become the change they want to see in the world — a critical, transformative moment that begins by admitting that something isn’t right, and then putting in the work: unlearning misinformation and collectivist-oriented programming, looking inward, and being mindful in each moment.

This conversation fits squarely within the foundational step of Duty To Protect — Prepare. Jason’s emphasis on self-education, on listening to ones own intuition, and on thinking critically are key. They engender self-ownership and position one to be able to help others seeking to break free from their own mental prison.

This is a powerful conversation. As is advised in the intro, you may want to give it a second listen to capture all the wisdom.

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