#008 Good Samaritan Stories #4

A man in Georgia heroically frees a family from a vehicle moments before it gets struck by a train, a teenager in New York makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his sister, an anonymous neighbor in Michigan stops a violent killer — details on these and other instances of individuals who saw something amiss and chose to step-up to make the situation better in this batch of Good Samaritan Stories. Call them protectors. Call them good samaritans. They inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that one person can have.


  • first story, Vienna, GA, Eddie Daniels frees family from car stalled on train tracks
  • second story, Chicago, IL, Anthony Perry saves electrocuted man, gifted car
  • third story, Coram, New York, Tyler Phillips pushes sister away from oncoming vehicle
  • fourth story, Muskogee, OK, Dayvon Johnson aids choking schoolmate
  • fifth story, Taylor, MI, Austen Parrish saves seizing schoolmate
  • sixth story, Boynton Beach, FL good samaritans aid driver
  • seventh story, Tulsa, OK, Gary Brooks stops aggressors’ onslaught
  • eighth story, Pike County, AL, Edward Howell saves two people from burning ambulance [GoFundMe link]
  • ninth story, North Hollywood, CA, Gregory Badryan and others aid victim, stop aggressor
  • tenth story, Detroit, MI, anonymous resident of Pennington Dr. stymies killer
  • eleventh story, Urbana, IL, Katelynn Buescher and two others administer CPR

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